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#Podcast with the ILA - Inclusive. Invested. Immersive. These are our guiding principles.

In this podcast with the International Leadership Association, our CEO Annemarie de Jong discusses her view on leadership, our current societal challenges, and how we support businesses to become future proof.

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#opinion: The new normal (ENG)

These days, when Prime Minister Rutte’s press conferences attract more viewers than a World Cup Final, our need for a toehold in this global crisis has become patently clear. We’re all trying to find the exit; a way out of a situation we’re unfamiliar with and whose impact is impossible to predict. The ‘one-and-a-half metre economy’ seems now to be commonplace. Yet a much more fundamental question is at stake here.

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Why one woman became a business activist

In 2008 Annemarie de Jong, now owner and CEO of Better Future, jumped ship. With 15 years of experience in leadership and working at De Baak, we’re curious what inspired her to become the business activist she is today.

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