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In 2003 we decided to start a company which takes leaders and their teams on life-changing journeys.

It was the best decision we ever made.

Since then we have taken thousands of leaders and their teams on journeys all around the world.

For many it was the most impactful experience they ever had.

What is the impact of our journeys?

1. Great for the world
Tangible social impact

2. Good for business
Purpose-driven growth

3. Life-changing for people
Leadership transformation


KEY OBJECTIVE empower local organizations creating change find, embrace and activate purpose in business develop leaders and teams to make a difference change the game in your industry
PARTICIPANTS teams organizations teams
LOCATIONS africa, asia, americas anywhere anywhere europe, usa, asia
DURATION 1 week flexible flexible 3 – 6 months (in modules)

Anthony Butler 

Bread and Life 

Executive Director 

"Better Future has been vital in helping me to see the future possibilities and to craft a strategy to achieve it. Their focus on bringing all of our team's strengths together to create the future is inspiring and crucial"

Ilona Haaijer


President & CEO DSM Food Specialties division

"The Inspiration Journey NYC unleashed my team. The entrepreneurs and leaders we engaged with, the places we visited and the way we were genuinely guided through our personal and team dynamics really got under our skin and ignited new ideas. Better Future’s creative approach balances the tough and the fun in a natural way." 

Bart Bakker



“The 'McKinseys' only know what is, but can not imagine what could be. Better Future helps you to imagine a better future.” 

Nanno Kleiterp

FMO Entrepreneurial Development Bank


"If you want to connect people emotionally to your mission & strategy and uplift your people and organization - involve Better Future".  

Udaya Kumar

Grameen Koota

Managing Director & CEO 

“Better Future's leadership journeys brought in different thinking perspectives for our senior leaders, especially by interacting with European leaders. The people management programs that followed unleashed the skills of our middle management in inspiring &managing their teams. We thank Better Future for our ongoing partnership and the value additions for our team.” 

Beate van Dongen-Crombags



"In their own unique way Better Future has created a genuine connection between all of us at VODW. The 'Boost Camps' they organized have given our organization a tremendous boost!" 

John Martin

Sanoma Learning


"Our journey to Silicon Valley inspired our team about new possibilities for the future. For me personally, it was one of the most inspiring weeks of my professional life so far!"

Rutger Beelaerts

Shell Chemicals, Higher Olefins, Alcohols and Ethoxylates

General Manager 

"Thanks to Better Future we hit a home run. The team felt really energized and started believing in the possibility of taking this business to levels that were not considered feasible before."

Musa Amul Nyassi

West Coast Region The Gambia

Alkalo of Bwiam

Deputy Governor

"Working together with Better Future has impacted my life and that of my community. I invite everyone to come and see the social and economic progress we have made as a result of the journeys held in Bwiam."

Curious what kind of journey we can design to change your world?

It may be the best phone call you’ve ever made.

Curious what kind of journey we can design to change your world?

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