How can you and your organization contribute at a larger scale to people and planet in a sustainable way?

‘Change the world’ and create social impact in your value chain through sustainable collaborations, innovation pathways and coordinated actions.

We believe that companies and organizations not only can, but should be the engine for a more sustainable, social and inclusive future. As an organization, you can’t do that by yourself; it requires innovating with partners from your value chain. These innovations are central to our impact growth trajectories: working together on a sustainable business model and making your value chain more social, inclusive and sustainable. All focused on making both business and social impact. We do this together, with you, with colleagues from different parts of the organization, with partners from your value chain and with surprising and inspiring collaborations with external social organizations. This creates new business opportunities, sustainable collaborations, innovation of products or services and change. Always Inclusive, Immersive and Invested!

How we help organisations grow

Always inclusive, invested and immersive

Through our leadership development and strategy/change process approaches, we build capacity to do just that: integrate more sustainable methods into the core of what and how you produce. We take you, away from the desk, into the field, working with clients, innovative partners and inspiring impact initiatives.

Always working from our Key Principles: inclusive, immersive and invested!

We make it fun, reflective, didactic and truly inspiring.

Susana Arrojo

De Heus

It was a different leadership training experience. The fact of being 2 companies working together on a sustainable business case to meet the objective was very enriching! A very intense and hard-working days, with lots of emotions and self-reflection.

Making sustainability a win-win-win

Mission Water

Better food in the chain

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Daria Ofman

Co-owner Better Future

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