We humanise organisations

By guiding companies to create meaningful growth, foster inclusive learning, and put diversity & inclusion into practice. These three pillars are necessary in turning your business into a force for good; where profit and purpose exist in equal balance.

Or maybe you're not there yet or are unsure of what the underlying challenge is. Not to worry, we've got you covered. We can do a quick scan of your organisation and strategy to see in which areas there's work to be done. Let's get in touch!

Meaningful Growth

This is a transformation process that helps you discover new business opportunities; looking beyond profit to benefit society. Together we build the necessary strategies, business models and partnerships to turn this into reality. Always ensuring that the personal missions of your leaders are aligned with your organisation’s collective mission.

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D&I in Action

Become an organisation that actually does the Diversity & Inclusion work versus one that only talks about it. Build a culture that reflects your client base, where your people feel welcome and at home, where variety is celebrated. This lays the foundation for better service and decision-making, and more fun and engagement in the workplace.

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Inclusive Learning

The only way to transform people is through experience. We design blended learning and experience-based programs that challenge leaders on their views, their strengths and their ability to bring about meaningful change. Our Inclusive Learning programs focus on accelerating the personal growth and purpose of all participants.

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Latest stories and events

#HumanCourage: Jonna Wiersma

// posted 16-12-2021

Jonna thrives on connection. She believes that feeling connected, loved and valued are the most important aspects of human life. In her eyes, it’s what helps us embrace our fears, be courageous and become successful. It’s also what drives the work she does at JINC, where she supports children and adolescents from disadvantaged neighbourhoods to be successful in their educational and professional lives. Key to the approach is connecting them to individuals in business – and thus increase the feeling of connection for both sides.

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#HumanCourage: Julia van Reek

Humans / Human courage // posted 15-11-2021

She calls herself a CRPS warrior, and Julia is so much more than a fighter. She is open, vulnerable, smart, strong, loving and a source of inspiration and courage for others. In 2015, she was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). In 2020, after years of living with intense pain in her leg, her right leg was surgically removed. Now she finally feels like herself again and is ready to live life to the fullest, together with her loving support dog Guus.

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"Our journey with Better Future was truly transformational for my team, myself and for MegaGroup. We started as a group of individuals who weren’t aligned, now we've formed a leadership team that is focussed on one vision and is built on mutual trust.

Our visit to Kenya and the project with Amref, initiated by Better Future, was the start of actively living our purpose: Bringing water to life. It all came together in an almost magical way."

Bernard Verburg - CEO MegaGroup

"Working together with Better Future is always an absolute treat.

They're true professionals, full of passion and enthusiasm. With the ability to help others understand the ambition to do something good for the world. They're able to translate their passion to effective learning interventions.

Better Future gives substance to the purpose of participants of one our leadership programmes. One that the participants describe as unforgettable and life changing!"

Betty van der Molen - Global Talent & Leadership Manager FrieslandCampina


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