Our organization

We believe in the power of connecting people from different worlds and walks of life.

Our international team of impact consultants is an impressive collection of mission driven professionals, strong personalities and different backgrounds. Ready to explore new worlds, everyday. Together, we work at the intersection of leadership, strategy, and impact.

We do this:
– Since 2003
– With 25 professionals worldwide
– In 50+ countries
– With tons of impact

Our key principles


In our projects, we match your leaders with leaders in partner organizations that are complementary but in ways, quite different from you.


Out of the office and out of context. That’s where we’ll take you. To new worlds and getting you out of default paradigms through unique off the beaten track human encounters and experiences.


We require a genuine interest in learning and a commitment to investing the time, knowledge, experience and budget needed to make transformation happen.

Our mission

Inspire and empower people worldwide to actively participate in creating a more sustainable, equitable and better future for all. That’s what we want. Through leadership journeys, strategy and value-chain processes, innovative solutions, and community engagement, we aim for positive change. We work towards a global network of change-makers committed to the world. Together, we envision a planet where every individual has the opportunity to develop and where our collective actions lay the foundation for a better future for generations to come.

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Daria Ofman

Co-owner Better Future

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