The challenge

Despite its strong traditional image and long-standing success in the industry, the bank faces a challenge: the world and customers’ expectations are changing. Modernization with a focus on diversity and inclusion has been met with a lot of internal resistance, in part because the business connection was lacking. The key question: How can the bank effectively communicate with and remain attractive to a more diverse generation of customers and new employees?

Our approach

Through in-depth interviews, we gathered insights about the visions and ideas living within the bank. With twenty employees we went on an ‘Impact Expedition’ through Rotterdam, cycling through the city and meeting people representing new generations and needs. These guided dialogues helped participants confront their own prejudices and led to a renewed mindset on what the future relevance for private banking is about. The group then formulated 3 big and bold ambitions for the bank, focused on customers, employees and social impact. In the following stage, we took these “what if” challenges into a 3-day intensive innovation process with internal teams formed by people from all corners of the organization. Several innovations and pilot projects emerged, all connected to each other, supported by different departments, and true to the DNA of the organization.

The outcome

A seamless integration has been achieved between business and HR ambitions, whereby it is clear who our future customers are and what this means for our team. The bank now has a clear focus on its social role and there is a shared and felt ownership of this vision among fifty ‘change agents’ appointed throughout the organization.

Wendy Winkelhuijzen

Van Lanschot Kempen


What’s the bigger impact?

No way back guarantee: tangible insights into what future generations need; the way forward is clear. Social impact is possible when coupled together with business relevance, inside and out.


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