The challenge

Imagine relationship managers coming together from different sectors (energy, agriculture, social business, art & culture), different countries, from incoming and outgoing funds (including investment management and mortgages). All having different approaches, perspectives, and experiences. Yet all sharing, furthering the change finance mission of the bank. Senior relationship managers are the hands, eyes and ears of the bank – they are the ones holding the space where clients come into dialogue, sharing their needs, hopes and fears. They carry the central stone of the organization.

So, what does this role ask of them? How can they truly understand the needs of their clients, helping them to grow in funds and in impact? How to bring out their personal, unique approach and talent in building relationships? What skills does a Triodos Relationship manager need to thrive? These and more questions are woven into a highly experiential and tailored program.

Our approach

Each participant steps into the program with a personal change mission within their role. For instance: How to finance re-nature projects? How to make flexible mortgages possible? How to further social inclusion with clients? Etc. The whole process takes six months, three modules of 2 days each, rotating through the European countries where Triodos is operating. Intensive coaching, inter-vision and peer-learning, and dialogues with the bank’s senior management. The program focuses on hands-on, practical skills for relationship building and management, built upon the Triodos Way and the individual needs of participants.

The result

Triodos’ senior relationship managers developed their own unique skills and style to better serve the purpose and mission of the bank and their clients.

What’s the bigger impact?

Innovation cannot happen without people that know who they are and what they are building towards; people that are on fire and know how to activate others. By harnessing the shared wisdom, knowledge and experience of a wide range of professionals, and hosting space for practical learning and co-creation, this program is an on-going contribution to strengthening the mission, capacity, and influence of Triodos Bank as a leader in impact banking.

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