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Saving the planet: we’re in this together - How to leverage your value chain to act on your sustainability commitments

Truly sustainable choices as a company are some of the hardest to make, especially when short term financial gains are far from clear. But what if these choices became easier by working together with your value chain partners? This was the question that sparked a learning journey designed to help one of our clients, MegaGroup - a wholesales in water technics company - achieve their sustainability commitment. What did they learn along the way? Collaboration is key for healthy, resilient growth and contributes to greater impact and profit. Also, that sustainability goes beyond “doing good”. Often, it is a win win win: good for business, good for the supply chain, good for the planet.

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People, Ideas and Impact, That’s All

Who am I? What makes me happy? What makes me feel fulfilled and motivated? What kind of impact do I want to make?

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#OurWork: Want to be a B Corp? Call us!

Better Future is a Certified B Corporation®, a label that we’re proud to wear! And: it’s a label that you can get too! Besides being B Corp, we also are a B Leader. And that is great news, because this means that we can help you to become a B Corp too!

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Our Work: Corporate video for Amref Health Africa

Amref asked us to create a concept and story to showcase who they are. We’re extremely excited for you to meet our Aunty.

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#opinion: The new normal (ENG)

These days, when Prime Minister Rutte’s press conferences attract more viewers than a World Cup Final, our need for a toehold in this global crisis has become patently clear. We’re all trying to find the exit; a way out of a situation we’re unfamiliar with and whose impact is impossible to predict. The ‘one-and-a-half metre economy’ seems now to be commonplace. Yet a much more fundamental question is at stake here.

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Why NGO's are commercialising

Mission driven, B Corp, socially responsible. All terms used to describe companies addressing a social or environmental challenge. A sign of the times that profit creation and social problem solving are shifting towards each other. What’s more, this emerging trend of social entrepreneurship goes beyond transforming the for-profit sector; it’s actually changing the traditional social sector too. We see NGO’s increasingly applying business principles to solve social challenges, often changing their own legal structure in the process. But why is this happening?

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SDG & Me Journey 2020

The second SDG & Me journey kicks off in April 2020; a programme that takes participants to the Gambia where they focus on personal reflection. By working together with other Dutch managers and Gambian change makers of the World Food Program, Buzz Women and Green-up have positive impact on local communities.

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Mission Water, a mini Better Future documentary

This mini documentary showcases how Better Future brings a corporate company, MegaGroup, together with the WASH team (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) of Amref Health Africa, to find ways of creating more access to water in Kenya.

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