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#OurWork: Want to be a B Corp? Call us!

Better Future is a Certified B Corporation®, a label that we’re proud to wear! And: it’s a label that you can get too! Besides being B Corp, we also are a B Leader. And that is great news, because this means that we can help you to become a B Corp too!

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#Business strategy  #ESGs

We dare you!

Reality has changed for almost every company in the Netherlands. At the beginning of January, as stock market prices rose, we happily saluted to a new year. Come March, we face a bleak future. A historic crisis has smacked us in the face. The beautiful year 2020, full of economic prosperity, has come to a stand-still. Annual plans and budgets have been tossed out the window. As crisis management settles, there’s room to stare blankly into the future: What the hell are we doing?

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