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#Podcast with the ILA - Inclusive. Invested. Immersive. These are our guiding principles.

posted 25-05-2023

In this podcast with the International Leadership Association, our CEO Annemarie de Jong discusses her view on leadership, our current societal challenges, and how we support businesses to become future proof. We work by our guiding principles. Inclusive. Invested. Immersive.


In every one of our projects, we match your leaders with those in partner organisations that are complementary but in ways, quite different from you. By joining together with different stakeholders, you get exposed to new worlds and outside of your comfort zone. All organisations benefit, can learn from each other, and act as mirrors for one another by helping each clearly see the individual and collective patterns that otherwise might be blind spots.


Out of office and out of context. That's where we'll take you. To new worlds and getting you out of default paradigms through unique off the beaten track human encounters and experiences. Instead of working on fostering philosophical or cognitive skills, new mindsets and collective behaviour shifts are created through a lived experience - lessons that are learned through this experience can be taken back and expanded in your organisation.


We require a genuine interest in learning and a commitment to investing the time, knowledge and experience and budget needed to make transformation happen. Not just for your own organisation, but to make a difference for a cause and organisation outside of yourself. If the key decision-makers in your organisation are not there yet, we can help with that as well.

Listen to the podcast via this link!


Photograph by Federico Scarionati

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