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Creating Lasting Health Change - Limited Edition Leadership Journey

posted 14-12-2022

What if investing in your own leadership also contributed to a bigger impact in an inclusive and immersive way? Our Impact Leadership Journeys invite you to do just that. Spending, together with humans from different walks of life, a week developing yourself personally through a local collaboration health project in a foreign country, while immersing yourself in a different environment and culture. Confronting, inspirational and life changing! It is a win win win: good for you, good for your organisation, and good for the world.

We have been organising these journeys since 2003. Our motto ‘When good people meet, good things will follow’ have been the foundation for our experiential leadership journeys all over the world. When connecting with local teams and communities in Uganda for example, it is not relevant what your business card says about you. It’s about how you show up. As a human. That is what leadership is about.   

Annemarie de Jong, CEO of Better Future, says about her first Leadership Journey with Amref: “Being in Tanzania for the first time, facilitating a leadership journey with Amref and VvAA I felt overwhelmed the first day. With a big challenge presented by Amref, we had work to do! But instead of starting with the big challenge, we started connecting: sharing (cultural) assumptions and prejudices in a playful way, created a foundation of trust and humor that made it easy to build on. A deep dive in Amref’s work, visiting communities, meeting people and direct beneficiaries of Amref’s work, touches everyone and creates more understanding for how the community approach really works (vs the business hierarchy that’s for most of us still day to day reality). Brave conversations, genuine curiosity and fruitful friction led to such a rich outcome on personal, team and organizational level. To me beyond imagination. Like, how much can you do in a few days? You can move mountains!”

Being confronted with visible and invisible cultural differences means you must deal with diversity and inclusion. Not by talking about it, but by doing inclusiveUnleashing unexpected wisdom that is beneficial to the work being done anywhere around the globe.

We have seen that these journeys shift people’s perspectives, connect teams, and transform businesses to be a force for good. By making it personal, it will last. For instance, a team from a pharmaceutical company that worked with Amref on the ground in Africa changed their business focus to health promotion and prevention of sickness instead of selling more medication. Their teams’ perspectives changed due to the learning journey with Amref colleagues and their experiences established a foundation to do better business.

You’ll leave this week with fresh perspectives, new insights, deep human connections and new friendships, inclusive leadership skills, and revived energy and passion to be the change you want to see in this world. 


“In 2017, I went on a Better Future leadership journey with an extraordinary group of people from VVAA and my Tanzanian Amref colleagues. The whole group convened for a week to work on and learn about healthcare, strategy, and leadership. People with different cultural backgrounds and organizations brought inspiring insights to the table while addressing the strategic issues around Amref’s work and strategy. With bold and instructive discussions, beautiful and inspiring moments, and above all precious new contacts and friends, it was a life changing experience to never forget.” – Marianne Hangelbroek, Manager Team Partnerships Amref

[For other testimonials see video]

In March, we are organizing our Limited Edition Leadership Journey to Zambia. Together with Amref Health Africa, we work on creating lasting health change in Zambia. And we take our learning with and from the Zambian Leadership Team back to the Netherlands to creating lasting health change in the Netherlands as well. 

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