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posted 25-05-2022

Friday 20 May, we hosted a session with young professionals from different sectors, companies and roles who all have one common goal – to make an impact in their work. 

Throughout the day, we explored together what makes work meaningful, their personal drives and superpowers, and what they can do to create shifts within their organisations and in the world. Some of the highlights included: a powerful personal story of young disability activist Julia van Reek, discussing together the importance of vulnerability in leadership, and heading out into the rain to discover perspectives that are completely different from our own. As a result, the group was able to clarify and feel supported in their impact ambitions and start by defining their next steps.

We believe the knowledge, perspectives, and innovative ideas of young professionals should be listened to more often. Heck, young professionals should always be listened to. They have a fresh pair of eyes, understand the current generation, and are intrinsically motivated to make an impact and create change. 

Want to learn how you can empower young professionals within your organisation? We are hosting a fresh next gen leadership programme this winter.

Learn more about it here.

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