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#OurWork: Want to be a B Corp? Call us!

posted 26-10-2021

Better Future is a Certified B Corporation®, a label that we’re proud to wear! And: it’s a label that you can get too! Besides making profit, B Corps™ work on a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

Besides being B Corp, we also are a 
B Leader. And that is great news, because this means that we can help you to become a B Corp too!

Guiding radical transformation
To move from a shareholder led company to a stakeholder driven business requires a complete refocus of a company’s activities, business model, and all its operations. It requires a full examination of the impact that each of these factors has on all its stakeholders. With that full investigation, a company can then start the process of a comprehensive transformation to create positive outcomes. We are here to be your mountain guide on this journey of becoming a business as a force for good.

Why B Corp
We hear you think: another certification? Why not go for certifications like Fairtrade and FSC? Well, B Corp is a holistic framework focused on the entire business, operation and supply chain. It’s not limited to one product or specific part of your supply chain. Besides that, B Corp is rewarding companies for the impact actually made, beyond nice-sounding strategies or promises. This makes B Corp a complete and credible system for consumers, employees partners and media.

Become a B Corp
As a B Leader, we facilitate and support you on your way towards B Corp certification. No matter how long your road is. We can take all necessary steps together with you, or just guide you through the B Impact Assessment. We support you step by step, and make sure we’ll have fun along the way. 

Ready to become B Corp? Call us!

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