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We dare you!

posted 16-04-2020

We dare you
Reality has changed for almost every company in the Netherlands. At the beginning of January, as stock market prices rose, we happily saluted to a new year. Come March, we face a bleak future. A historic crisis has smacked us in the face. The beautiful year 2020, full of economic prosperity, has come to a stand-still. Annual plans and budgets have been tossed out the window. As crisis management settles, there’s room to stare blankly into the future: What the hell are we doing?

Quick fixes 
The well-being of our people is at stake. Our planet is on fire. And all we really care about is profit? Sorry to break it to you, but the age of the shareholder is gone, and the age of the stakeholder has begun. Now is the time to listen to experts on climate change; activists on business as a force for good; psychologists on the importance of the human collective. To move away from quick fixes and survival, to build bridges and create a sustainable future.

Form collectives 
A future where we question phrases like: Money makes the world go round. I mean, is that even true? Money is just a means to an end. Right now, it’s helping us develop new machinery; produce enough face masks; and prevent more organisations from going down the rabbit hole. But there are even greater things happening: We’ve become more creative in our solutions. We’ve connected different industries to work together. And these efforts are even beneficial to society. This crisis is helping us form the right collectives, to ensure we can come out of this the best way possible. What would the world look like if this was the norm?

Join our movement 
We could focus on the well-being of people, profit and planet. The full circle; the whole 100%. We invite those who dare, to join our movement. To engage in conversation with us about how their organisation can become a force for good. How they can have positive impact on the world. All the while remaining profitable.

It's time
Don’t say you can’t do it because we’ve been here before. We’ve toppled walls. Revived entire ecosystems. Educated people and communities. For Pete’s sake, we’ve even walked on the moon. We can do this together. It’s time to find your license to operate; to survive 2030 and beyond; to onboard the mission-driven people you need to drive your organisation forward. It’s time.

Words by May Putman Cramer

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