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Certified B Corporation

posted 20-02-2020

Contributing to the economy of the future
Better Future is officially certified as 'B Corp' (Benefit Corporation). This makes our office part of a worldwide network of organisations that contribute to a sustainable and responsible society. The certificate goes to companies with a social and/or ecological impact that take responsibility, are transparent, and contribute to the economy of the future. Worldwide there are now more than 2.000 B Corps, spread across more than thirty countries.

Social impact, responsibility, transparency and sustainability
B Corp is an American organisation that works to build an international network of companies committed to sustainable projects. These companies set high standards when it comes to social and/or ecological impact, transparency and responsibility. The standards for business results are comprehensive, thorough and transparent. They measure a company's impact on all its stakeholders; employees, suppliers, society and the environment. Unlike traditional organisations, certified B Corporations feel obliged to weigh the impact of their decisions not only in the interests of their shareholders, but also in the interests of all other stakeholders.

The important advantages 
The certificate gives Better Future an even clearer profile as a "social enterprise". We’re very happy with this because we want to set a good and concrete example for our clients and other organisations. Inspiring them to make an impact too. Within Better Future, many matters differ in comparison to other consultancies. This has important advantages for employees and clients. We are commercial, but also responsible, fair, flexible and innovative, both internally towards our colleagues and externally towards our clients.

In order to obtain B Corp certification, an extensive company audit is carried out and the following categories are assessed: management, staff, society and environment.


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