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People, Ideas and Impact, That’s All

Who am I? What makes me happy? What makes me feel fulfilled and motivated? What kind of impact do I want to make?

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Being the Change. The Power of Organisational Activism

“How can I make a difference?” “I don’t have enough power” “Our management only cares about the bottom line”. Sound familiar?

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Our Work: Corporate video for Amref Health Africa

Amref asked us to create a concept and story to showcase who they are. We’re extremely excited for you to meet our Aunty.

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The power of empowering people

Our work goes beyond an average excel sheet. Transformation of beliefs, values and world views within an organisation is led by people. That’s why we focus on humans; the individuals who can realise long-term, sustainable change. We spoke to Betty van der Molen, Global Talent & Leadership Development Manager at FrieslandCampina, about our longstanding collaboration to design LEAP; why she chose to work with us; how this leadership programme helped her become a better leader; and what she hopes for the future.

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What makes people tick, an interview with Lesley Cordial

In this interview we get to grips with what Lesley Cordial's personal drive is to push these leadership programmes forward within FrieslandCampina. We talk personal missions, the intrinsic needs of human beings, and the need for sustainable businesses.

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#Masterclass: Missiegedreven Leiderschap

De masterclass Missiegedreven Leiderschap van Annemarie staat online op www.futureness.nl. Ze neemt je mee in het verhaal en de aanpak van Better Future. Hoe doe je dat, missiegedreven leiderschap? En hoe kan jij, morgen al verschil maken en je team en organisatie daarin meenemen? Van breed en groot naar klein en praktisch.

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Why one woman is raising her voice

Lucy von Sturmer is the founder of The Humblebrag, an impact-driven thought leadership agency committed to business as a force for good. She is dedicated to help change-makers, game-changers and creative innovators to raise their voice, and in a one hour phone conversation, we talked about her deep connection with nature, the consumption generation, and the importance of having bold and brave leaders to help save life on Earth. 

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Welke ideeën hebben nu het podium gepakt?

Wil jij weten wat Pikkety, Bregman, Stiglitz en Ostrom met elkaar gemeen hebben? Lees dan dit artikel.

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Certified B Corporation

Better Future is officially certified as 'B Corp' (Benefit Corporation). This makes our office part of a worldwide network of organisations that contribute to a sustainable and responsible society. The certificate goes to companies with a social and/or ecological impact that take responsibility, are transparent, and contribute to the economy of the future.

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Why NGO's are commercialising

Mission driven, B Corp, socially responsible. All terms used to describe companies addressing a social or environmental challenge. A sign of the times that profit creation and social problem solving are shifting towards each other. What’s more, this emerging trend of social entrepreneurship goes beyond transforming the for-profit sector; it’s actually changing the traditional social sector too. We see NGO’s increasingly applying business principles to solve social challenges, often changing their own legal structure in the process. But why is this happening?

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Mission Water, a mini Better Future documentary

This mini documentary showcases how Better Future brings a corporate company, MegaGroup, together with the WASH team (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) of Amref Health Africa, to find ways of creating more access to water in Kenya.

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