#HumanCourage: Julia van Reek

Humans / Human courage // posted 15-11-2021

She calls herself a CRPS warrior, and Julia is so much more than a fighter. She is open, vulnerable, smart, strong, loving and a source of inspiration and courage for others. In 2015, she was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). In 2020, after years of living with intense pain in her leg, her right leg was surgically removed. Now she finally feels like herself again and is ready to live life to the fullest, together with her loving support dog Guus.

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#HumanCourage: Marcel Dela Haije

Humans / Human courage // posted 01-11-2021

Marcel, also known as a ‘Stadsmarinier’ of Rotterdam, is trying to turn his hometown into a more inclusive hub. As the youngest member of a large family, he always felt comfortable making genuine connections with others. So, he turned his strength into his work and now, together with the Rotterdammers (as we call them in Dutch), he tackles complex issues like racism and discrimination.

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#HumanCourage: Ria Ana Sejpal

Humans / Human courage // posted 29-09-2021

Ria’s drive to create a more inclusive and sustainable fashion industry is palpable and extremely inspiring. With her label LilaBare she faces challenges head-on, even if she was told they are impossible to tackle. She’s a rebel at heart, a creative in mind and soul, and a true entrepreneur in business. Ria is the voice of her own movement, and unwavering in her values and beliefs.

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#HumanCourage: André Heuvelman

Humans / Human courage // posted 08-09-2021

Because we’re moving through challenging and exciting times, we want to give some of our favourite and most inspiring people the chance to share their story; how they deal with turbulence; and how they extend their drive to help others. Today we kick-off with performer, innovator and trumpet player, André Heuvelman. André is a living example of human courage: someone who turns standing out into fitting in.

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