#Opinion: People, Ideas and Impact, That’s All

How to / Opinion // posted 25-04-2022

Who am I? What makes me happy? What makes me feel fulfilled and motivated? What kind of impact do I want to make? At the end of 2021, I asked these questions to 25 young professionals. I wanted to learn more about their ambition, passion and drive in order to find out what is needed to make young professionals happy, fulfilled and motivated.  When you think about it, it's pretty hard to describe who you are and what makes you happy, fulfilled or motivated. Let’s give it a try, starting with myself, also a passionate young professional. 

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#How To Learn From Organisational Cynicism - A Secret Source of Wisdom

How to // posted 09-03-2022

When we come across cynicism, many feel FRUSTRATED. After all, cynicism often keeps things from moving forward, perpetuates the status quo and puts the burden of proof on those who are eager to change it. Cynicism often reveals individuals disconnected from the organisational purpose and increased levels of disagreement when change processes are initiated. In my work on creating systemic shifts for social change within organisations, I regularly face cynicism and I too, often find it incredibly draining. I’ve had my fair share of conversations with both skeptical executives who are resistant to change as well as with discouraged change leaders and initiative leaders who are burned out and feel that there is no way forward. But despite how challenging these conversations are, I have also come to appreciate them. Why? Because there is always important knowledge that is essential in our journey of collective learning. 

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#Howto: Being the Change. The Power of Organisational Activism

How to // posted 03-02-2022

“How can I make a difference?” “I don’t have enough power” “Our management only cares about the bottom line”. Sound familiar? For years as a corporate hippie, I grappled with these thoughts. Now, as a social impact consultant, I’m hearing similar struggles from my clients. I want to help those like me realise what I had missed - that it ís possible to make a difference from within: through organisational activism.

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#HowTo: The power of empowering people

How to // posted 08-10-2020

Our work goes beyond an average excel sheet. Transformation of beliefs, values and world views within an organisation is led by people. That’s why we focus on humans; the individuals who can realise long-term, sustainable change. We spoke to Betty van der Molen, Global Talent & Leadership Development Manager at FrieslandCampina, about our longstanding collaboration to design LEAP; why she chose to work with us; how this leadership programme helped her become a better leader; and what she hopes for the future.

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#Masterclass: Missiegedreven Leiderschap

How to // posted 04-09-2020

De masterclass Missiegedreven Leiderschap van Annemarie staat online op www.futureness.nl. Ze neemt je mee in het verhaal en de aanpak van Better Future. Hoe doe je dat, missiegedreven leiderschap? En hoe kan jij, morgen al verschil maken en je team en organisatie daarin meenemen? Van breed en groot naar klein en praktisch.

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#howto: Breakfast sessions

How to // posted 23-04-2020

Continuing on the same train of thought as ‘Who are you without your business card’, here’s another fun and useful way to break the ice when working with groups or teams: Breakfast sessions. A great way to encourage groups to connect, reflect, and share.

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