#events: Better Future employees stop buying single-use plastic water bottles

Events // posted 05-06-2020

As of today we have chosen to ban all single-use plastic water bottles from our organisation. Good news, right? We’d like to think so. We believe that with simple everyday actions we can prevent large amounts of single-use plastic water bottles from entering our oceans. Continue reading to find out why we joined the Dopper Wave and signed the pledge.

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#humans: Van Ego naar Eco

Events / Humans // posted 05-03-2020

Welk leiderschap is nodig om een duurzamere wereld te creëren en verwezenlijken? Better Future en Port of Amsterdam organiseerden een dialoog voor leiders uit het bedrijfsleven. Bekijk dit filmpje om een impressie te krijgen van de middag.

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SDG & Me Journey 2020

Events / Humans // posted 15-12-2019

The second SDG & Me journey kicks off in April 2020; a programme that takes participants to the Gambia where they focus on personal reflection. By working together with other Dutch managers and Gambian change makers of the World Food Program, Buzz Women and Green-up have positive impact on local communities.

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