#HumanCourage: Otto Storm

Human courage / Humans // posted 02-06-2022

Otto is a visionary, an idea machine, and a history fanatic. He knows his weak spots but chooses to focus on his strengths. That’s his advice to us all: Forget what society tells you, explore your strengths and focus on developing those.

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Events / Our work // posted 25-05-2022

Young professionals from different sectors, companies and roles who all have one common goal – to make an impact in their work. Want to learn how you can empower young professionals within your organization? Or join our next young professional event? Contact us!

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#Opinion: People, Ideas and Impact, That’s All

How to / Opinion // posted 25-04-2022

Who am I? What makes me happy? What makes me feel fulfilled and motivated? What kind of impact do I want to make?

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#How To Learn From Organisational Cynicism - A Secret Source of Wisdom

How to // posted 09-03-2022

When we come across cynicism, many feel FRUSTRATED. After all, cynicism often keeps things from moving forward, perpetuates the status quo and puts the burden of proof on those who are eager to change it. But there is always important knowledge that is essential in our journey of collective learning. 

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#HumanCourage: Constance Scholten

Human courage // posted 02-03-2022

Constance is joyful, curious, and tenacious. Her passion for EarthToday, the company that protects square meters of nature, and her story about being a female entrepreneur and investor were inspirational. It made us want to know more about her story and drive: what sets her soul on fire.

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#opinion: Build a Culture of Belonging. The Importance of Embracing Differences

Opinion // posted 09-02-2022

Working with diverse groups of people brings both beauty and challenges. Challenges that we can overcome by creating an inclusive culture. Want to know what you can do?

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#Howto: Being the Change. The Power of Organisational Activism

How to // posted 03-02-2022

“How can I make a difference?” “I don’t have enough power” “Our management only cares about the bottom line”. Sound familiar?

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#HumanCourage: Jannelieke Aalstein

Human courage // posted 25-01-2022

Jannelieke is authentic and hardworking; she stays true to herself. She likes solving complex issues together with others because she knows it gives richer solutions.

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#HumanCourage: Jonna Wiersma

Human courage // posted 16-12-2021

Jonna thrives on connection. She believes that feeling connected, loved and valued are the most important aspects of human life.

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#HumanCourage: Julia van Reek

Human courage // posted 15-11-2021

She calls herself a CRPS warrior, and Julia is so much more than a fighter. She is open, vulnerable, smart, strong, loving and a source of inspiration and courage for others.

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#HumanCourage: Marcel Dela Haije

Human courage // posted 01-11-2021

Marcel, also known as a ‘Stadsmarinier’ of Rotterdam, is trying to turn his hometown into a more inclusive hub.

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#OurWork: Want to be a B Corp? Call us!

Our work // posted 26-10-2021

Better Future is a Certified B Corporation®, a label that we’re proud to wear! And: it’s a label that you can get too! Besides being B Corp, we also are a B Leader. And that is great news, because this means that we can help you to become a B Corp too!

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#HumanCourage: Ria Ana Sejpal

Human courage // posted 29-09-2021

Ria’s drive to create a more inclusive and sustainable fashion industry is palpable and extremely inspiring. With her label LilaBare she faces challenges head-on, even if she was told they are impossible to tackle.

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#HumanCourage: André Heuvelman

Human courage // posted 08-09-2021

Because we’re moving through challenging and exciting times, we want to give some of our favourite and most inspiring people the chance to share their story. André is a living example of human courage: someone who turns standing out into fitting in.

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#OurWork: Corporate video for Amref Health Africa

Our work // posted 12-04-2021

Amref asked us to create a concept and story to showcase who they are. We’re extremely excited for you to meet our Aunty.

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Everybody on a Mission: Denge

Documentaries / Humans // posted 29-01-2021

We believe that everybody is on a mission. That everybody wants to add value but oftentimes don't know where or how to begin. Here's an example of one such person: Denge, Project Manager Amref Health Africa - Water & Sanitation.

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#OurWork: The impact of long-term collaboration

Our work // posted 08-10-2020

Since 2015 we have worked together with FrieslandCampina. Together we have taken more than 250 young talents to over 10 countries across Africa, Asia, and Europe. Where they have worked together with 10 different social partners to vastly increase their positive impact on society; discover their reason of being; and become better leaders within their organisation. All this takes place during LEAP; the leadership development programme that unlocks the full potential of FrieslandCampina employees.

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#Humans: What makes people tick, an interview with Lesley Cordial

Humans // posted 08-10-2020

In this interview we get to grips with what Lesley Cordial's personal drive is to push these leadership programmes forward within FrieslandCampina. We talk personal missions, the intrinsic needs of human beings, and the need for sustainable businesses.

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#HowTo: The power of empowering people

How to // posted 08-10-2020

Our work goes beyond an average excel sheet. Transformation of beliefs, values and world views within an organisation is led by people. That’s why we focus on humans; the individuals who can realise long-term, sustainable change. We spoke to Betty van der Molen, Global Talent & Leadership Development Manager at FrieslandCampina, about our longstanding collaboration to design LEAP; why she chose to work with us; how this leadership programme helped her become a better leader; and what she hopes for the future.

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#Masterclass: Missiegedreven Leiderschap

How to // posted 04-09-2020

De masterclass Missiegedreven Leiderschap van Annemarie staat online op www.futureness.nl. Ze neemt je mee in het verhaal en de aanpak van Better Future. Hoe doe je dat, missiegedreven leiderschap? En hoe kan jij, morgen al verschil maken en je team en organisatie daarin meenemen? Van breed en groot naar klein en praktisch.

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#opinion: The new normal (ENG)

Opinion // posted 03-07-2020

These days, when Prime Minister Rutte’s press conferences attract more viewers than a World Cup Final, our need for a toehold in this global crisis has become patently clear. We’re all trying to find the exit; a way out of a situation we’re unfamiliar with and whose impact is impossible to predict. The ‘one-and-a-half metre economy’ seems now to be commonplace. Yet a much more fundamental question is at stake here.

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#humans: Why one woman is raising her voice

Humans // posted 02-07-2020

Lucy von Sturmer is the founder of The Humblebrag, an impact-driven thought leadership agency committed to business as a force for good. She is dedicated to help change-makers, game-changers and creative innovators to raise their voice, and in a one hour phone conversation, we talked about her deep connection with nature, the consumption generation, and the importance of having bold and brave leaders to help save life on Earth. 

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#humans: Diversity & Inclusion, more than just ticking a box

Humans // posted 20-05-2020

Diversity Officers are everywhere; organisations deem themselves diverse and inclusive; and token minorities are used to add pretence to the average marketing campaign. To find out what being diverse and inclusive really means, we sat down with Nava Hinrichs, Head of Executive Education & Capacity Building in Migration at Maastricht University and all-round Diversity & Inclusion expert.

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#humans: Why one woman became a business activist

Humans // posted 19-05-2020

In 2008 Annemarie de Jong, now owner and CEO of Better Future, jumped ship. With 15 years of experience in leadership and working at De Baak, we’re curious what inspired her to become the business activist she is today.

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#opinion: Welke ideeën hebben nu het podium gepakt?

Opinion // posted 07-05-2020

Wil jij weten wat Pikkety, Bregman, Stiglitz en Ostrom met elkaar gemeen hebben? Lees dan dit artikel.

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#howto: Breakfast sessions

How to // posted 23-04-2020

Continuing on the same train of thought as ‘Who are you without your business card’, here’s another fun and useful way to break the ice when working with groups or teams: Breakfast sessions. A great way to encourage groups to connect, reflect, and share.

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#opinion: We dare you!

Opinion // posted 16-04-2020

Reality has changed for almost every company in the Netherlands. At the beginning of January, as stock market prices rose, we happily saluted to a new year. Come March, we face a bleak future. A historic crisis has smacked us in the face. The beautiful year 2020, full of economic prosperity, has come to a stand-still. Annual plans and budgets have been tossed out the window. As crisis management settles, there’s room to stare blankly into the future: What the hell are we doing?

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#opinion: Onbeperkt houdbaar

Opinion // posted 01-04-2020

Niet eerder ben ik zelf zo uitgedaagd op mijn leiderschap als nu. Ironisch, aangezien leiderschap en verandering al zo’n 25 jaar mijn expertise gebied is. De confrontatie met deze allesomvattende reset, was ik nog in geen enkel boek of blad tegengekomen. Waar ik al nooit geloofde dat een leider alles beter moet weten en anderen vertelt wat ze moeten doen, weet ik dat nu zeker. Maar wat dan wel?

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#howto: Een betere toekomst

Humans / Opinion // posted 23-03-2020

Een betere toekomst creëren, dat wil iedereen wel. Maar hoe doe je dat? Bij Better Future doen we dat door leiderschapsteams uit het bedrijfsleven en uit de not-for-profit sector bij elkaar te brengen. Samen een week op pad om te werken aan strategische uitdagingen waar de organisaties voor staan. In die week brengen we de Theory U aanpak tot leven, in de praktijk en in ongewone settings, uit het klaslokaal en in de echte wereld.

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#opinion: Waar vind je nog heil en verlossing?

Opinion // posted 17-03-2020

Onlangs was ik sinds lange tijd weer eens in een klooster. Een lang gekoesterde wens om me weer eens op te laden en te bezinnen in een spirituele omgeving. Met een propedeuse in theologie op zak, heb ik wel iets met religie. En ook het klooster spreekt me (tot grote zorgen van mijn kinderen) wel aan.  Het idee dat mensen zich terugtrekken uit het hectische leven van alledag om zich te bezinnen op de wereld heeft een soort van aantrekkingskracht op me. 

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#opinion: Echt mens zijn

Opinion // posted 17-03-2020

Wat betekent dat eigenlijk? Echt mens zijn. Ik ging op onderzoek uit om het beter te snappen. Door vallen en opstaan heb ik mijn missie gevonden. Op persoonlijk en professioneel gebied. Bij Better Future zorg ik ervoor dat ons gedachtegoed de wereld in stroomt, zodat we ook op die manier zo veel mogelijk mensen in beweging kunnen krijgen. Lees verder om te begrijpen hoe ik hier ben gekomen.

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#howto: Van silo naar samen: een interview met Roel Cals en Wilma Haanappel

Humans // posted 11-03-2020

Dat een goed functionerend management team essentieel is voor een bedrijf is bekend, maar dat er meer bij komt kijken zien we weleens over het hoofd. In 2016 stelde Roel Cals (MD van Ubbink Centrotherm Group) de vraag: Ons managementteam functioneert nog niet optimaal, en we moeten onszelf heruitvinden in een business die sterk afhankelijk is van gas in een wereld waarin we van het gas afgaan. Kunnen jullie ons helpen? We gingen aan de slag, op zoek naar antwoorden

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#humans: Van Ego naar Eco

Events / Humans // posted 05-03-2020

Welk leiderschap is nodig om een duurzamere wereld te creëren en verwezenlijken? Better Future en Port of Amsterdam organiseerden een dialoog voor leiders uit het bedrijfsleven. Bekijk dit filmpje om een impressie te krijgen van de middag.

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#opinion: Onzichtbaar in de gezondheidszorg

Opinion // posted 02-03-2020

Toen ik onlangs weer eens met grote tegenzin mijn bescheiden boezem tussen twee platen liet pletten om te weten te komen of de knobbel die ik voelde goed of kwaad in de zin had, grapte de verpleegkundige dat het duidelijk was dat dit apparaat was bedacht door mannen. Met mijn arm om het ijzeren apparaat geklemd kon ik het alleen maar grondig met haar eens zijn.

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#howto: Who are you without your business card?

Opinion // posted 24-02-2020

When someone asks you to introduce yourself, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? This is a common ice breaker during conferences, work, meetings, even at birthdays and weddings. But at some point, we start sounding like a broken record; continuously repeating the same answer. Where we work, what our job title is, where we’re from, and where we live. But do these things really define who we are?

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#humans: Toekomstperspectief, de morele plicht van leiders

Humans // posted 23-02-2020

In een overvol Dauphine interview ik op een dinsdagochtend in januari Jo Caudron, gekend internetondernemer en digitale bedrijvendokter bij het Belgische Scopernia (voormalig Duval Union Consulting). Hij praat over zijn nieuwe boek: De wereld is rond. Het vervolg op zijn eerdere boek over digitale transformatie waarmee hij zich op het bedrijfsleven richtte. Nu strekt zijn boodschap verder.

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Certified B Corporation

// posted 20-02-2020

Better Future is officially certified as 'B Corp' (Benefit Corporation). This makes our office part of a worldwide network of organisations that contribute to a sustainable and responsible society. The certificate goes to companies with a social and/or ecological impact that take responsibility, are transparent, and contribute to the economy of the future.

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#opinion: Why NGO's are commercialising

Opinion // posted 10-02-2020

Mission driven, B Corp, socially responsible. All terms used to describe companies addressing a social or environmental challenge. A sign of the times that profit creation and social problem solving are shifting towards each other. What’s more, this emerging trend of social entrepreneurship goes beyond transforming the for-profit sector; it’s actually changing the traditional social sector too. We see NGO’s increasingly applying business principles to solve social challenges, often changing their own legal structure in the process. But why is this happening?

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SDG & Me Journey 2020

Events / Humans // posted 15-12-2019

The second SDG & Me journey kicks off in April 2020; a programme that takes participants to the Gambia where they focus on personal reflection. By working together with other Dutch managers and Gambian change makers of the World Food Program, Buzz Women and Green-up have positive impact on local communities.

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Everybody on a Mission: Agnes

Documentaries / Humans // posted 10-12-2019

We believe that everybody is on a mission. That everybody wants to add value but oftentimes don't know where or how to begin. Here's an example of one such person: Agnes Schrijver, HR director at de Volksbank.

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#humans: Mission Water, a mini Better Future documentary

Documentaries / Humans // posted 09-12-2019

This mini documentary showcases how Better Future brings a corporate company, MegaGroup, together with the WASH team (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) of Amref Health Africa, to find ways of creating more access to water in Kenya.

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When Good People Meet: a mini Better Future documentary

Documentaries / Humans // posted 09-12-2019

In 2018 we travelled to India with seven Dutch business women to work together with Buzz Women, a local NGO that we co-founded. When Good People Meet is a mini documentary powered by Better Future and produced by Laika Productions.

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Everybody on a Mission: Navya

Documentaries / Humans // posted 05-12-2019

We believe that everybody is on a mission. That everybody wants to add value but oftentimes don't know where or how to begin. Here's an example of one such person: Navya R., Community Worker at Buzz Women.

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Everybody on a Mission: Bernard

Humans / Documentaries // posted 05-12-2019

We believe that everybody is on a mission. That everybody wants to add value but oftentimes don't know where or how to begin. Here's an example of one such person: Bernard Verburg, CEO of MegaGroup.

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Everybody on a Mission: Uthara

Documentaries / Humans // posted 05-12-2019

We believe that everybody is on a mission. That everybody wants to add value but oftentimes don't know where or how to begin. Here's an example of one such person: Uthara Narayanan, Chief Changemaker at Buzz Women.

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Everybody on a Mission: David

Humans / Documentaries // posted 13-11-2019

We believe that everybody is on a mission. That everybody wants to add value but oftentimes don't know where or how to begin. Here's an example of one such person: David Palmeres, the son of the Chief of Ole Nina Community.

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