#When good people eat

Food connects people. When we invite people over for dinner, we welcome them in our home, showing them that we care and taking the time to sit down and talk. Having dinner is in that sense, an essential love language.

The best dinners are the ones where you’re open to getting a taste of different worlds—both the food and the people you’re sharing it with. Sharing our family or cultural traditions while sharing stories. That’s where food connects. The most important staple is curiosity, without any other expectation than to open your world.

For years, we hosted dream dinners: small groups of people from our network who inspire us, that didn’t know each other yet. In places with a story—from a bed store in SoHo to a rooftop or a cosy kitchen in someone’s home. They all bring back warm memories of unexpected conversations, great connections, and the start of innovation. Like our first edition in Brooklyn, where one of our guests hadn’t been offline for 2,5 hours for years, sharing her dream of trading her corporate job for a career as singer songwriter of Christmas songs. And she did. Successfully! Sometimes it’s just a little nudge, by a question someone asks you or somebody else’s story that brings you closer to your dream.

So, when good people eat, great things can happen.

Would you sign up for our next dream dinner? Let me know via annemarie@better-future.com and we will invite you for the next editions.

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#Food for thought

responding to climate crisis in the food sector

In addressing the climate crisis, nobody can do it alone. How can we work together to strengthen businesses, transform industries, and mobilize people to make this happen? Urgency is a crucial lever for change. In the food chain, this urgency is most tangible for farmers, while other players don’t feel it daily. So, now what?

Two calls to action. Firstly, take sustainability as an opportunity to innovate organizational structures and internal processes, align vision and priorities, mobilize leadership for challenges and changes, and improve products and services.

Secondly, let’s bring companies together to learn, collaborate, and innovate, uniting business health with sustainability once and for all. Learn from and support others already experiencing the effects of climate change on their businesses. We must go together, and we must go now.

Read our blog here.

Podcast ‘Eat with your hands’ from The Food Chain

Why eat with your hands? Many food cultures around the world use their hands for eating, and most of us do so occasionally. Do we really need cutlery or chopsticks to eat a salad, peas, or rice?

Documentary serie ‘Follow the Food’ from the BBC

These documentaries explore where our food comes from and how new technologies and innovative farming methods might change this in the near future.

Book ‘Eat Pray Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert

One woman’s search for everything across Italy, India and Indonesia.
It’s a story of a year-long journey around the world in pursuit of pleasure in Italy, spiritual devotion in India, and finally a balance of the two in Indonesia. With refreshing candor and humor, this bestselling memoir charts a courageous path of self-discovery.

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