We humanise organisations

To turn business into a force for good.
By guiding companies to align purpose, strategy and leadership. Translating ambitions to daily practices
and ensuring sustainable growth. Getting everybody
on a mission to make a difference.

How we do it

We connect business and society in
meaningful ways.

By reshaping your leadership and innovation strategies, acknowledging your core responsibility towards society, and delivering your business results. 

By leading your team towards new perspectives, and connecting the personal purpose of leaders to the company’s collective mission.




What makes us awesome

It's not a job, it's our vocation.

We connect different worlds; the unusual suspects. We take you out of the office, and out of your comfort zone. Close to home, and sometimes far away. Always confronting and unpredictable. 


Our work

Here's a selection of our work that we realised
together with our clients and social partners.
Curious what we can do for you?
Don't hesitate to contact us.

Mission Water

We connected MegaGroup (water solutions company)
and AMREF Health Africa (an NGO).

The aim was to develop solutions to improve the access to water
and sanitation in rural areas of Kenya and contribute to
disease prevention.

The organisations have collectively set-up a social enterprise,
and are working towards their bigger goal: to improve the lives of
and create a better future for 1.5 million Kenyans.

We made a cool poster to showcase the different steps we took together with MegaGroup and AMREF. Check it out!

F€mpower Your Growth

Masterclasses for ambitious female entrepreneurs and bankers.
To better understand each other and address their unconscious biases.

To push female entrepreneurship by increasing access to finance
in each phase of their business.

“The programme provides valuable insights and experiences that'll
accelerate the success of other female entrepreneurs and enable
innovation within the financial sector.” - Peter van Mierlo, CEO of FMO

Powered by
ABN AMRO, ING, FMO, Rabobank, The Next Women, Better Future


How do you literally and figuratively bring
'banking with a human touch' to life?

We took their leaders on a journey through society,
connecting them to people that matter. Simultaneously bringing their
strategic challenges to the next level and developing their leadership.

They experienced ‘banking with a human touch’
and continue to activate it in their daily work. 

Ubbink Centrotherm Group (UCG)

Leadership programme to create unity within the company
and prepare them for future challenges.

To ensure leaders and co-workers across eight countries
play as one team and reinvent their business.

Better connection and effective working habits between
international offices. Management direction & board are aligned.
Clear vision and tangible initiatives to become future proof.

We made a cool poster to showcase the different steps we took together with Ubbink. Check it out!


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