We define what impact means for you

We help organisations understand and appreciate the larger landscape that they thrive in. With a systemic lens, we map out which interventions and partnerships are required to become a force for good. We help with stakeholder management.

What we do

We build future proof organisations
A strategy or way of working should be more than just words on paper. It needs to be felt throughout the organisation. We ensure all your people are on board with your new mission-driven goals and ambitions. Making them personal for your employees is a recipe for success.

We raise the bar radically
We connect business and society in meaningful ways. By taking you out of your comfort zone and introducing you to different worlds. This process forms the fertile ground needed to discover new opportunities and turn your business into a force good; attract new and diverse customers; find and retain the right talent.

We push you ahead of the game
To discover new business opportunities that benefit society and keep you ahead of the game. Together, we build the necessary partnerships, strategies and business models to turn them into reality. Ensuring that the personal missions of your leaders are aligned with the organisation’s collective mission.

What makes us awesome

It's not a job, it's our vocation.

We connect different worlds; the unusual suspects. We take you out of the office, and out of your comfort zone. Close to home, and sometimes far away. Always confronting and unpredictable. 


Our work

Here's a selection of our work that we realised
together with our clients and social partners.
Curious what we can do for you?
Don't hesitate to contact us.

Mission Water

Our client
MegaGroup, a water solutions company.

The challenge
How do we ensure our purpose (Bringing water to life)
is felt and lived throughout the organisation?

What we did
Built a strategic partnership between MegaGroup and Amref Health Africa (an NGO).
To make MegaGroup's purpose tangible. Together they are developing solutions to 
improve access to water and sanitation in rural areas of Kenya, contributing to
disease prevention.

The result
The organisations have collectively set-up a social enterprise.
To this day they are working towards their bigger goal:
improving the lives of and creating a better future for
1.5 million Kenyans.

Watch the documentary above to get a better idea of this project.

We made a cool poster to showcase the different steps we took together with MegaGroup and AMREF. Check it out!

F€mpower Your Growth

We designed masterclasses for ambitious female entrepreneurs
and bankers. For them to better understand each other and address
their unconscious biases.

To push female entrepreneurship by increasing access to finance
in each phase of growing their business.

“The programme provides valuable insights and experiences that'll
accelerate the success of other female entrepreneurs and enable
innovation within the financial sector.” - Peter van Mierlo, CEO of FMO

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ABN AMRO, ING, FMO, Rabobank, The Next Women, Better Future


Our client
de Volksbank, a Dutch bank.

The challenge
How do you literally and figuratively bring
'Banking with a human touch' to life?

What we did
We designed a programme to take their leaders on an unusual journey 
through society. Connecting them to people who are challenging the
status quo. Simultaneously bringing their strategic challenges to
the next level and developing their leadership skills.

The result
The group truly experienced and now understands what
‘Banking with a human touch’ means. They continue to translate
it to activate it in their daily work. 

Ubbink Centrotherm Group (UCG)

The client
Ubbink Centrotherm Group (UCG)

The challenge
How do you ensure that leaders and co-workers from different offices
across eight countries act as one team. In order to reinvent their
business and make it future proof.

What we did
We designed a leadership programme to create unity within
the company and prepare for future challenges.

Better connection and effective working habits between
international offices. Management direction & board are aligned.
Clear vision and tangible initiatives to become future proof.

We interviewed (in Dutch) board members Roel Cals and
Wilma Haanappel about the journey. Read all about it here.

We made a cool poster to showcase the different steps we took together with Ubbink. Check it out!


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