We’re a mission-driven consultancy

Our approach is unique; we always connect different worlds. Where a (corporate) organisation works together with a social partner that is valuable to their business; where two-way learning takes place; where participants work on real-life challenges.

Our programs have a positive impact on your organisation, whilst bettering the world in the process. Moving from output to outcome.

Meaningful Growth

We push you ahead of the game.
Meaningful Growth is a transformation process that helps you discover new business opportunities; looking beyond profit to benefit society. Together we build the necessary strategies, business models and partnerships to turn your bold ambitions into reality. Always ensuring that the personal missions of your leaders are aligned with your organisation’s collective mission.

We take you out of your comfort zone.
Looking beyond financial growth asks for inspiration from different worlds. We connect you to a social partner to learn from and with one another, because by focussing on someone else's challenge, you learn a lot about yourself. This construction also means that social partners are given the opportunity to learn, and invest in their people and their business too. 

We bring your mission to life.
A strategy or way of working should be more than just words on paper. We ensure all your people are on board with your new mission-driven strategy. Making them personal for your employees is a recipe for success. It forms the fertile ground for innovation; becoming a force good; attracting new and diverse customers; finding and retaining the right talent.

APM Terminals

Amref Health Africa: Animated corporate video

Ubbink Centrotherm Group (UCG)

MegaGroup: European leadership team program

Novartis: Senior leadership program

The feedback scores Better Future received from the participants of the APMT Senior Management journey in 2016 and 2017 were: 9.3 and 9.6.

The client
APM Terminals, a port and integrated inland service network (part of Maersk)

The challenge
APM Terminal asked us: How can we develop and improve our senior management? How can we ensure that they embody sustainability and purpose? And in that process, how can we ensure that fewer incidents happen in the world?

Our approach
APM Terminals operates in 76 container terminals across the globe. We took their senior leaders out of the office and into the world. On an immersive journey to (re)connect with their purpose by connecting` them to their partners on grass-root level.

The result
Committed senior leaders who know who they truly are and why they get out of bed every morning to go to work. They found their purpose and know how to apply that to their work. They gained new perspectives and experiences on sustainability and safety. Built stronger ties between international offices. These programs helped improve safety within the shipping industry, with APMT as a starting point.

The client
Amref Health Africa 

The history
We have a longstanding partnership with Amref Health Africa. In 2017 we helped them define their corporate strategy for 2018-2022. This animation is a translation of that strategy.

The question
They asked us to create a storyline about who they are and translate that into a corporate video.

What we did
With this question in mind, we went on an adventure to talk to a myriad of different people from the organisation, armed with questions like: If Amref was a person, would it be male or female? Which personality traits of Amref do you love, which do you find more difficult to deal with? How would you describe Amref as a person? What is the most unique part of Amref? What's the most important part of the work Amref does? The different answers to these questions inspired and formed the basis of the concept and script. The aunty was born. It was then Franka's (illustrator/animator) turn to get to work. She illustrated the storyboard, developed the colour schemes and brought Aunty's story to life. We worked together with Caitlyne Wangi for the voice over. 

The result
We're busily keeping an eye on the impact of this animation on Amref's audiences. We're looking for longterm results rather than quick fixes, so stay tuned.

"The way Better Future supervises sessions and workshops is unique. They go on the journey with you. Continuously inspiring you. They won't let you sit on the sidelines and observe. You have to join in. The programme is never completely set in stone. The facilitators read the room to anticipate what the groups needs in that moment. If needed, tweaking the activities to suit those needs." -  Wilma Haanappel, Director of Product Management, Ubbink Centrotherm

The client
Ubbink Centrotherm Group (UCG)

The challenge
How do you ensure that leaders and co-workers from different offices across eight countries act as one team. In order to reinvent their business and make it future proof.

What we did
We designed a leadership programme to create unity within the company and prepare for future challenges.

UCG is a producer of solutions for modern heating systems, ventilation systems and sustainable building. With the climate crisis at play, their core business was at stake. The program we co-created ensured better connection and effective working habits between the international offices, so the organisation could smoothly transition into a sustainable and durable direction. That's good for their business and better for our planet. They now develop and manufacture smart and sustainable building solutions from their production plants in Europe, USA and China. Their management and board are aligned. The organisation has clear, collective vision with tangible initiatives that enable them to be future proof. 

UCG United process poster

"Our journey was truly transformational for my team, myself and for MegaGroup. We started as a group of individuals who weren’t aligned. Now our leadership team is built on mutual trust. We share one vision.

Our client
MegaGroup, a water solutions company.

The challenge
How do we ensure our purpose (Bringing water to life) is felt and lived throughout the organisation?

What we did
Built a strategic partnership between MegaGroup and Amref Health Africa (an NGO). To make MegaGroup's purpose tangible. Together they are developing solutions to improve access to water and sanitation in rural areas of Kenya, contributing to disease prevention.

The result
The organisations have collectively set-up a social enterprise. To this day they are working towards their bigger goal: improving the lives of and creating a better future for 1.5 million Kenyans. Watch the documentary above to get a better idea of this project.

Mission Water process poster

"By partnering with Better Future in designing our leadership programme, we were able to bring reality and complexity to our leaders in a context they have not experienced before. It allowed our leaders to observe their behaviours without a filter, to witness the impact it has on others. This experience has made a lasting impression and helped bring them to a deeper level of self-awareness." - Jennifer Allen, Global Leadership Development Lead, Novartis

The client
Novartis, one of the largest multinational pharmaceutical companies in the world. Their purpose is to reimagine medicine to improve and extend people's lives

The challenge
Non Communicable Diseases (NCD's) - lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension and cancer - will be the biggest health threat in Africa ten years from now. A youth-driven movement must be created to promote a healthy lifestyle. To move from solely curing diseases to also preventing them.

Our approach
We designed a leadership programme where Amref Health Africa (Youth) Leaders and Novartis Senior Executives worked together. To gain new perspectives; to learn together and from one another. As part of their strategy, Novartis had the desire to develop the leadership style and improve the engagement of Senior Executives on a personal level. To define their role within and outside the organisation. By working on a tangible case and problem, we were able to incorporate their wishes into this approach.

The result
A compelling campaign that addresses youth, promotes a healthy lifestyle and develops a social business model. The core message being invest in upstream (prevention) rather than curing. 

D&I in Action

From talking to action.
Become an organisation that actually does the Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) work versus one that only talks about it. Build a culture that reflects your client base, where your people feel welcome and at home, where variety is celebrated. This lays the foundation for better service and decision-making, and more fun and engagement in the workplace.

Do the work.
Start with awareness. Understand how you look at people, how others look at you, which unconscious biases you carry with you. Have courageous conversations and explore what it means to feel at home, and when it hurts to feel excluded. With that personal connection intact, we create tailormade expeditions to look at D&I through the lens of HR, Communications and Clients & Products. Seeking critical answers to: How inclusive are we internally?

The impact.
Your company policies match the new way of working and new daily rituals are embedded into company culture. Representation on all levels leads to better decision making and more innovation. Your inspiring teams now attract great talent from all walks of life; and you can cast your own recruitment net much wider and farther. Your employees and customers can relate to what and how you communicate.

F€mpower Your Growth: Program for female entrepreneurs

Triple Jump: Building an inclusive culture

We designed a program filled with a myriad of masterclasses for ambitious female entrepreneurs and financial professionals. For them to better understand each other and address their unconscious biases.

To push female entrepreneurship forward by increasing access to finance in each phase of growing their business.

The programme provides valuable insights and experiences that has accelerated the success of other female entrepreneurs and enabled innovation within the financial sector. The financial professionals are aware of their biases and blindspots, which has altered how they review requests for financing from female entrepreneurs. This development means more female entrepreneurs have access to finance in the Netherlands and we can start to see an increase in female-led or founded businesses.

Powered by
ABN AMRO, ING, FMO, Rabobank, The Next Women, Better Future

The client
Triple Jump is an international impact-focused investment manager.

The challenge
Triple Jump asked us: Our organisation is very diverse in terms of nationalities, gender and background, but how inclusive are we really?

Our approach
We created awareness through an interactive webinar for all employees. Then we organised dialogue sessions to explore what D&I means for them personally and for Triple Jump as an organisation. It's a way to ensure everyone's heard; run in small groups for all employees. The input we collected was translated into an advisory report with short and long term actions. We also shared this with all participants during a webinar. Now that a Diversity & Inclusion committee has been set up, we are on speed dial to guide them.

The result
D&I is now on Triple Jump's agenda. Awareness of this theme amongst employees has increased. All employees have had the opportunity to express their opinions on this subject. We a delivered a document of observations and an advice report with short and long term next step. 

Inclusive Learning

Better Future classics.
The only way to transform people is through experience. We design blended learning and experience-based programs that challenge leaders on their views, their strengths and their ability to bring about meaningful change. Our Inclusive Learning programs focus on accelerating the personal growth and purpose of all participants. 

What makes it unique.
The secret ingredient is connecting different worlds. Where a corporate organisation works together with a social partner that is valuable to their business; where two-way learning takes place; where participants work on real-life challenges. The participation of the corporate means local participants are also given the chance to learn and grow. By applying Otto Scharmer’s Theory U, individuals can build the essential leadership capacities needed to address the root cause of today’s social, environmental and spiritual challenges.

The impact is vast.
By working together with a mission-driven organisation, participants experience what it means to work from a deeper cause. Discovering what their purpose is within their team, organisation and the world around them, they become more resilient and prepared for challenges that may come their way. Connecting to something outside of themselves they improve their solutions thinking. Participants become more self-aware and self-accepting.

Triodos: Senior Relationship Manager program

FMO transformation journey

FrieslandCampina: LEAP leadership journey

"The programme taught me the power of connection. It made me even more proud to work for Triodos. I feel even more challenged to help clients and work on a sustainable future together." - quote from participant of the learning journey for Senior Relationship Managers

The client
Triodos Bank is one of the world's leading sustainable banks. Their mission is to make money work for positive social, environmental and cultural change.

The challenge
Triodos Bank asked us: How can we turn our Senior Relationship Managers into true ambassadors of our mission? So that all our clients truly understand what 'The Triodos Way' means.

Our approach
We designed a learning programme for Senior Relationship Managers that builds on self awareness, relationships, sales craftsmanship and creating impact.

Deeper understanding of clients and their needs. More co-creation between colleagues on how to better serve clients and stakeholders. Feel and see the value of teamwork for business development. Stronger connection between personal purpose and the mission, vision and strategy of Triodos. Develop required skills like dynamic judgement and courageous conversations. Re-defined and improved customer journey and business development.

The client
FMO Entrepreneurial Development Bank

The history
Since 2014 we design and organise leadership journeys together with FMO. We always connect them to one of their local partners to work, learn and grow together. This program vastly increases the participants' positive impact on society; helps them discover their reason of being; and become better leaders within their organisation. Read more about the program in English or in Dutch

What we did
Here's an example of the 2019 journey that we designed and organised. We set up a practical case study with one of FMOs' local partners in Lebanon. The local partner, a non-profit microfinance institution, faced the challenge of transforming into a regulated financial microfinance institution. This entailed a number of strategic challenges. How to organise the structure? How will the systems work? How do you take people along in this journey of change? What role should leadership play? The FMO team functioned as a mirror for the social partner. They helped them gain insights about what was really going on: there was a need for clarity about roles, management, and responsibility. At the same time, this process encourages everyone to reflect on and confront their own patterns.

The impact
"Going through the U was extremely valuable to me. I was able to reflect on how things are going in my new role as a manager. I now have the feeling that I'm on the right track and have gained more confidence. In moments when I feel I may not have everything under control, I start to doubt myself. By accepting that, and sharing those doubts with others, I came out stronger. As the saying goes: 'Trust the process'.

Now that I'm back home, I've started putting my experiences into practice by building in reflection time with my team. I expose myself more easily, dare to share my vulnerabilities to encourage my team to do the same. As a result, we not only function better in our roles, but also as human beings. And that benefits us, our organisation, and the wider world.”  – Ammarens Bruggekamp, FMO participant 2019

The client

The history
Since 2015 we work together with FrieslandCampina. Together we have taken more than 250 young talents to over 10 countries across Africa, Asia, and Europe. Where they have worked together with 10 different social partners to vastly increase their positive impact on society; discover their reason of being; and become better leaders within their organisation. 

What we did
Together we designed the yearly leadership development program called LEAP that unlocks the full potential of FrieslandCampina employees. It's a blended learning and experience-based programme that challenges young talents on their views, their strengths and their ability to bring about meaningful change. It focusses on accelerating the personal growth and purpose of all participants; gives them the building blocks to connect, internalise and activate their mission; and encourages them to take ownership of their own learning experience by confiding in an accountability partner. Read more about the program here

The impact

  • Employees with a mission
    By working together with a socially driven business, participants experience what it means to work from a deeper cause. To discover what their purpose is within their team, organisation and the world around them. To contribute to something beyond themselves.
  • Solutions thinking
    Participants are taken out of their comfort zone where their mindset is transformed drastically. They’re more resilient and prepared for challenges that may come their way.  
  • Cultural resilience
    Different perspectives are essential to solutions thinking. We connect different worlds and allow them to work together. The paradox is that by focusing on and connecting to something outside of yourself, it’s easier to learn and gain new insights that are beneficial to how you do business.
  • Improved company culture
    Participants are more self-aware and self-accepting. They have deeper connections with colleagues; are capable of having continuous courageous conversations; can instantly get to the crux of a problem; and create effective solutions.


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