LEAP Leadership & Impact Journey: Spain

As a part of the more significant LEAP journey, we will be heading to Spain to kickstart part of this bigger journey. This time we decided to collaborate with ECOALF, a B-Corp  that integrates breakthrough technology to create clothing and accessories made entirely from recycled materials, which started in the beautiful city of Madrid, Spain.

How did it all begin

How inspiring to work with a clothing brand that has decided it wants to “upcycle” the ocean waste to make clothing! This brand started with Javier Goyeneche, the President & Founder who came up with the idea when reflecting on the current status of the world and how we would leave it behind for the next generation. A frustration grew, as he witnessed the excessive use of the world’s natural resources. His solution was ECOALF. The brand was born in 2009, as an homage to his new born son “Alfredo”. The idea was to create a fashion brand that is truly sustainable.

For us, it seemed like a great fit, as these journeys are about a diverse range of things: something we like to call “reverse innovation” and “reverse inspiration”. Meaning we learn from how organisations such as ECOALF do things differently, so that we can be inspired to make different choices in the way we work and do business.

What are we going to do
During our week together we will focus on helping ECOALF with their tremendous growth, and guide them towards becoming an organisation that can cater to the needs of its current team, and the clients they are currently serving. By staying true to their core values and their wish to make the world a better place, our job is to help them in their efforts to:
  • Nurture their values
  • Make the right choices in strategy and direction
  • Clarify roles and responsibility
  • Create oneness in their team and systems
As the LEAP participants from FrieslandCampina delve into these strategic challenges, the ECOALF board members will co-create solutions to find constructs that are both sustainable and future proof.
Time to work together
Sometimes changing the world starts with small decisions. How we deal with waste and the clothes we consume for example. As we confront ourselves with the harsh reality that #thereisnoplanetB, we get to explore and innovate what our responsibility is, as a people and a society. Paving the way to make things better. What a privilege to work with ECOALF and broaden their range of impact, but most of all become an example to the fashion world.
Our strong belief & practice is: all of this is catalysed by #WhenGoodPeopleMeet #GoodThingsWillFollow
Ready to follow our LEAP journey in Spain? Just click here!
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