GoodUp is a social enterprise that helps organisations activate their purpose within their employees. There's a huge gap between purpose strategy and execution. 86% of companies have a purpose statement, but the majority (83%) haven't considered what this means across departments or set clear team targets. 

GoodUp helps organisations bridge this gap. Their SaaS marketplace matches employees’ personal purpose with the company purpose through projects that create societal impact. GoodUp is the only technology provider with a scalable solution that embeds purpose within an organisation.

Buzz Women

Millions of women and their families still live in poverty. In many cases, it's caused by low income, endless debt and lack of access to education and economic opportunities. In a world where patriarchal systems still exist, many women lead lives focused on serving others. Not getting the chance to develop their own talents and create their own future.

We believe that (access to) education is crucial to becoming self-reliant and pursuing a better life. Buzz Women enables women to change their own circumstances, so they can break the vicious cycle of poverty!


Sustainalize consists of a new generation of sustainability consultants. A bunch of passionate professionals who want to do things better. Since 2010 they’ve helped countless organisations find the right answers to today’s many sustainability challenges.

They believe that successful focus on shared value creation today extends beyond tomorrow's immediate financial returns for shareholders and employees. Value that benefits society and planet too. They help organisations understand their impact, develop the right strategy, manage results on the basis of reliable information and communicate to their stakeholders about progress and achievements in an honest and authentic way. Always with a clear vision, and a hands-on and flexible approach.


Better Future
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the Netherlands
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