World Day for Cultural Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Awareness for inclusion and diversity is growing in the workspace, but companies are still uncertain about how to effectively incorporate these topics in their business practice to support their growth and value-creation goals.

Why does Diversity and Inclusion matter?

At its core, the sense of inclusion in society and within organizations is linked to the concept of identity and belonging. Diversity can be created by having representation of people from different cultures, ethnicities, neuro diversities, genders, religions, ages and so on. But diversity is desirable only when inclusion within diversity is truly fostered. Inclusion in the workplace and its benefits come to life when diverse individuals feel the liberty to bring all of who they are into their work and are encouraged to nurture connections with their peers whilst celebrating diverse ways expression, thought, and belief.

Diversity and inclusive societies are not only good for cohesion and development. Research increasingly shows that diversity and a deep sense of inclusion is also good for business in the form of greater innovation, unique approaches to problem solving, more cohesive and happy teams, and ultimately higher rates of profitability.

What do we do about it?

At Better Future, we take executive leaders on experiential journeys into emerging markets and connect them with local partners to work on leadership and impact. We also work with companies on purpose-driven strategy development for creating more diverse and inclusive teams within their business. This also includes female leadership programs and refugee labour market integration initiatives.


Get in touch, and we can tell you more about the ever-growing importance of Diversity & Inclusion, and how we can work towards a more diverse and inclusive world.

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