LEAP Leadership & Impact Journey simultaneously goes to Africa, Asia and Europe

“It’s not always about giving the right answers; it’s about asking the right questions.”
Every year more than 50 future leaders of FrieslandCampina get to take part in the Leap Leadership and Impact Journey; a program that helps bring them closer to their sense of purpose. This time round, three different groups travel to three different countries on three different continents, all at the same time. Namely Africa, Asia, Europe; Ghana, Vietnam, Spain. Like all previous years, FrieslandCampina allows social partners to join in during this week of learning, encouraging their teams to tangibly support the local partners too.
But, how do we connect cooperate leadership development with social impact?
Often the paradigm is that ‘we’ know how to help these social partners; but we can also learn from them. One thing they have that we can most certainly develop further in the western world is a deep sense of purpose.  An awareness of what they need to do and why they do it. We hope to awaken the deep sense of purpose that is instilled in each participant, to unveil what makes them get up in the morning.
If you are still following, you may wonder ‘but how does helping others help you with leadership?’
Here’s the irony of it all: by helping others, and supporting real-life cases, the participants are encouraged to think outside of themselves. This process is insightful, and to some degree confrontational in a very profound way.

It’s not about creating instant solutions; instead we start with questions and an open, inquisitive mind. By kicking off the week like this, we can ensure that we end with co-created solutions that our social partners can continue to work on.

So what’s our goal?
Our cross-cultural journeys are based on fundamental principles:
  1. Journeys focused on local needs
    To make sure that the local organisation and communities benefit, all programs are tailor-made and based on local needs. In this way, the programs created by Better Future are not ‘stand-alone’ initiatives, but rather programs that fit into the long-term strategic agenda of the local partners.
  2. Two-way learning
    Journey’s are designed to ensure maximum learning. Neither the local nor the participating European corporate managers are positioned as experts. Instead, the program foresees an open exchange of information, know-how and ideas.
  3. Highly professional
    We, from Better Future, aim to deliver the highest standard possible on our leadership journeys. We work with a dedicated team who are highly experienced in global sustainable development because learning takes place at multiple levels:
    – Individual growth: Becoming a more effective leader
    – Organizational growth: Making teams & organizations work better together
    – Client/community level: Making the local organisation more impactful

Who are we partnering with?
  1. Agriterra
    Agriterra wants to strengthen the competitive position of the Vietnamese cooperatives in agricultural value chains and enhance the position of its farmer members as managers, investors, and beneficiaries. They are an agri-agency founded by the Dutch agricultural sector that professionalises farmer organisations and cooperatives worldwide in order to better serve the needs and interests of their member farmers.
  2. ECOM
    ECOM Agroindustrial Corp. Ltd is a leading global commodity merchant and sustainable supply chain management company. As an origin-integrated business operating in over 40 major producing countries worldwide, ECOM focuses primarily on coffee, cotton, and cocoa, as well as participating in selected other agricultural product markets. ECOM is one of the top two merchants in coffee, the largest coffee miller, and amongst the top four merchants in both cotton and cocoa, making them a top tier participant in each of its core businesses.
    Their idea was to create a fashion brand that is truly sustainable. By integrating breakthrough technology ECOALF creates clothing and accessories made entirely from recycled materials. They are the first fashion brand in Spain to become B-Corp certified and are renowned for their commitment to the people and the planet. Their collections aim to encourage the redesign of resource life cycles so that products are reused.
As divergent as they are, each social partner is working towards creating a better world; the perfect opportunity for us to step in and contribute to their cause. When good people meet, good things will follow.
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