Humanised organisations

Invest in the development of their employees, to build the right company culture. One that allows people to live and realise their mission. People who live their mission are the greatest force for change within organisations.

Force for good

Means using profit and growth to define and take responsibility for your mission-driven strategy. Aligning the DNA, story and objective of your organisation, to truly live and breathe ‘doing better by doing good’.  

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#humans: Why one woman is raising her voice

Humans // posted 20-07-2020

Lucy von Sturmer is the founder of The Humblebrag, an impact-driven thought leadership agency committed to business as a force for good. She is dedicated to help change-makers, game-changers and creative innovators to raise their voice, and in a one hour phone conversation, we talked about her deep connection with nature, the consumption generation, and the importance of having bold and brave leaders to help save life on Earth. 

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#opinion: The new normal (ENG)

Opinion // posted 03-07-2020

These days, when Prime Minister Rutte’s press conferences attract more viewers than a World Cup Final, our need for a toehold in this global crisis has become patently clear. We’re all trying to find the exit; a way out of a situation we’re unfamiliar with and whose impact is impossible to predict. The ‘one-and-a-half metre economy’ seems now to be commonplace. Yet a much more fundamental question is at stake here.

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"Better Future took the board and senior leaders of de Volksbank on a journey.

What kind of organisation do you want to be, will you dare to go the extra mile, which responsibility do you want to take for the society you're part of, what effect does that have on the leadership profile of the bank? And, what does that mean for you as a leader.

With great understanding of what we needed and an inspiring methodology, Better Future helped us decipher what we want to achieve tomorrow and how we can turn that into reality."

Maurice Oostendorp - CEO de Volksbank

"Working together with Better Future is always an absolute treat.

They're true professionals, full of passion and enthusiasm. With the ability to help others understand the ambition to do something good for the world. They're able to translate their passion to effective learning interventions.

Better Future gives substance to the purpose of participants of one our leadership programmes. One that the participants describe as unforgettable and life changing!"

Betty van der Molen - Global Talent & Leadership Manager FrieslandCampina

"Our journey with Better Future was truly transformational for my team, myself and for MegaGroup. We started as a group of individuals who weren’t aligned, now we've formed a leadership team that is focussed on one vision and is built on mutual trust.

Our visit to Kenya and the project with Amref, initiated by Better Future, was the start of actively living our purpose: Bringing water to life. It all came together in an almost magical way.

Thanks to the candid and sometimes confrontational coaching of Annemarie, Daria and Michel."

Bernard Verburg - CEO MegaGroup


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